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Unique Group Bangladesh started operation is 2009 as a Software Development Company known as “Unique Soft BD”, with the services of Software Development, Website Development, Graphic Design, Hosting services, Outsourcing Training and some Social Welfare services.

In 2015, Unique Group Bangladesh added Hirok Foundation, the Social Welfare services of “Unique Soft BD” got new name, known as Hirok Foundation. Where people get free training, interest free funds, logistic supports etc.

As “Unique Soft BD” was serving their software services not only to Bangladesh, but also to the international clients. To make these more professional, this software services divided into two parts based on clients, national and international. In 2015, Unique Group Bangladesh added “Oboyob Software Development Company” for the international clients and rebranded Unique Soft BD to “Unique Software Development Company”.

In 2015, for the popularity and growth of outsourcing training services, Unique Group Bangladesh rebranded this service to “Alternative School”. Where people can get Outsourcing Training, Web Development Training, Basic Computer training, IT training etc.

In the year 2016, Unique Group Bangladesh started eCommerce services in Meherpur, known as “Meherpur Quick Bazar”.

In 2016, for the increasing the number of hosting clients, Unique Group Bangladesh divided Unique Soft BD’s hosting services to a full company, knowns as “Servermore Web Hosting Company”. Servermore Web Hosting Company providing Domain Registration, Hosting services, Server related services etc.

In 2017, Unique Group Bangladesh added Domain Bazar Bangladesh, Domain Bazar Bangladesh helping entrepreneurs to start online businesses. Where Domain Bazar Bangladesh creating online ready businesses with Domain, hosting, website, Facebook Page and Apps and selling that business to entrepreneurs.

Software Development Company

Phone: +8801713902426

Alternative School

Phone: +8801911888977

Web Hosting Company

Phone: +8801712848487


Best Freelancer Award

Recently Divisional Commissioner awarded our Chairman for Freelancing/Entrepreneur in Khulna. Awarded by Deputy Commissioner, Khulna

Best innovator award 2015

Recently our Chairman, Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Hirok) awarded for best innovation 2015, Awarded by Deputy Commissioner, Meherpur

Jago Meherpur Award

Recently Jago Meherpur awarded our Chairman for reducing unemployment in Meherpur. Awarded by Mayor, Meherpur Municipality.

Best stall at ICT fair 2015

Unique Group Bangladesh was awarded for best stall at ICT Innovation Fair 2015, our Chairman received award from DC, Meherpur.

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Our Recent News

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16 May, 2017

Our Executive Awarded as Best Freelancer in Khulna Division by Deputy Commissioner Khulna

On 24th March 2017, our Chairman, Munshi Jahangir Zinnat awarded as best freelancer in Khulna Division by Deputy Commissioner Khulna. This is one of biggest award of Unique Group Bangladesh,…

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2 September, 2016

Recently Khulna Divisional Commissioner visited Unique Group Bangladesh

It was a great experience for Munshi Jahangir Zinnat, our Chairman and Unique Group Bangladesh. On February 16, 2015 visited (unofficially) Divisional Commissioner at Unique Group Bangladesh, also attained Deputy…

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6 August, 2016

Award Ceremony, Recently Jago Meherpur Awarded Munshi Zahangir Zinnat to Reduce Unemployment

Munshi Zahangir Zinnat Hirok, Founder and Chief Executive of Unique Group Bangladesh was felicitated by Jago Meherpur for his outstanding contribution in order to removing the unemployment. He was honored…

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